Every definition from WordNet beginning with 'a' or 'the', fed through an order-3 word-level Markov chain text generation algorithm, fed through my random couplet finder (previously). Pure nonsense. Here are some selections.

a man who was formerly a spouse
the total output of a computer mouse
a knot used to fasten a belt
a bridge hand as initially dealt
a sandwich that resembles a dining car
a cord or hook or bar
a day set aside for sewing
a bed in which roses are growing

a sailing vessel with a single story
a woman who works in a quarry
a counter (as in a race)
the morphophonemics of a particular case
a small platform on a microscope slide
a direction opposite to the tide)

a hormone secreted by the lacrimal glands
the act of someone who understands
a drug that causes the disease
the day designated for planting trees
a variety of sorts of things
a member of the ancient Egyptian kings

the portable equipment and supplies for ships
a dwelling that is attached by clips
a quantity that is three years old
the amount that a container will hold
a Scandinavian language that is comprehensible
the quality of being essential or indispensable
the act of indulging in disreputable pranks
a holding company owning several banks

a Japanese stringed instrument resembling a trombone
the process of being turned to stone
a hypocrite who pretends to swallow fire
a seat of government for a shire

a session as of a bell ringing
a quality of the voice while singing
a container (usually in a monastery)
a place of safety or sanctuary
a wrestler who participates in brawls)
the ability to respond to calls
a convict who is considered naive
the quality of being impossible to conceive

a source of personality disorders if unresolved
the doctrine that human beings are involved
a decimal unit of measurement for viscosity
a passing state of anger and animosity

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