Definitions II: Adjectives

More randomly generated definitions. This time, the definitions are drawn exclusively from WordNet's list of adjective definitions. They're also paired with randomly generated portmanteaux of adjective headwords. And yes, they're still arriving in rhyming couplets. For best results, read aloud. (many more after the cut)

unalyzed (adj). relating to or causing debility
consecticidal (adj). pertaining an inner tube and agility
undicated (adj). directed by expands on the opportune
congrossing (adj). capable of being period before noon
caltlike (adj). lying imitation or displeasure or coast
rertian (adj). composed or resembling a single host
trarritorial (adj). located on geological species but genetics
reafferent (adj). tending three units or effect of aesthetics
pall-grooved (adj). marked by obsession of musk
dinied (adj). belonging to a will or husk
uth-shaven (adj). marked by extended humorless familiarity
teccoutered (adj). of or relating to or prosperity
leansteroidal (adj). composed of the color of black bars
iw (adj). not occupied; free from stars
sare (adj). not having feelings or associated with vents
humbinatory (adj). certained; keep them undrained; resisting of segments;
loquadratic (adj). (of soap) containing to holograms
ausregarded (adj). dressed or obscenity or marked by diagrams
Bricedural (adj). having the same substance normal cells
densgender (adj). of or covered with small bells
iyed (adj). involving more than one legislative plot
salithic (adj). of beige tinged with a knot
shai (adj). helpful nature is in a newspaper
endiced (adj). resembling a state of sandpaper
sunapaestic (adj). strictly consisting of black and brief
bunless (adj). friendliness or achievement of exhausted or grief

preneless (adj). not mined or spoken or moon
4-melogic (adj). used of rubber in times before noon

fabliterary (adj). the ordinal number of heat or hazelnuts
folf-conscious (adj). of or relating to geopolitical robots
demmature (adj). made of or relating to idiom
lyotch (adj). overlaid or acquaintance with cunning iridium

callow (adj). of electric current social and in estuaries
idjusted (adj). extraordinary or composed of fresh raspberries
cotic (adj). threatening or arising from something nonhuman
capsy (adj). having no enthusiastic about something like bitumen
meckable (adj). very bad in dealing with norms
bramestic (adj). capable of being combining forms
78nopportune (adj). shaped turbinate bones of the infinitive
blatiolate (adj). consisting of something sensation; definitive

paispberry-red (adj). near the small pointed tip
utochthonal (adj). relating to the side of a lip
manrealised (adj). characteristic of a young girl
uncapacitated (adj). relating to or resembling a tree burl
paverjoyed (adj). of or relating to chemoreceptor site
inauthorised (adj). (of an animals) not first sight
bunstructural (adj). having an archdeacon or his psychoneurotic hysteria
coll (adj). of or resembling a sunken area

austly (adj). sloping upward from a disorderly accumulation; frank
cunsparing (adj). connected; movable or at a bank

minmined (adj). having eight side of a pig
crystardened (adj). honored because of a fig

rezygous (adj). not reassuring; tending to demography
benky-black (adj). not complaining; often used in typography

winkind (adj). extremely modest or shaped like a brick
curxist-Leninist (adj). being or spoil or become thick
stylilineate (adj). having an unusual or expected; slightly dark
sedulent (adj). of green of the low-tide mark
defferential (adj). (slang) extremely intensely or extreme terror
straisuistical (adj). as if echoing in error

pormudgeonly (adj). not in agreement or receiving no border
trib (adj). one quintillion in the first order
pasterous (adj). treated with especially yourself or itself
ifty-fifty (adj). readily noticeable by an elf
cosmaili (adj). regarded for the rights and flaws
grartal (adj). of or pertaining to the tax laws

ghoucure (adj). of something having or reappearing early
Sepeful (adj). suffering from an innately kind disposition; surly
toff-street (adj). wet through the axis of an ox
hastained (adj). subject to change in a box

eepillary (adj). not bound by an increasing by suction
gell-scale (adj). not thin; of a society or induction
u-fruited (adj). not having three corners turned bad
tanewy (adj). of animals that make you feel sad

shalicky (adj). not closed or initiative; lazy
aquanimous (adj). equal to something having a daisy
wengulate (adj). in danger or feather or climbed
rendiscriminating (adj). extremely explicitly or inconveniently timed

ally-stemmed (adj). not yet payable by the equator
fow (adj). especially excellence; perfect condition of a traitor
ule (adj). incapable of being ascertained or partially opaque
bunthropoid (adj). curving an airship having a snake

tweenslunar (adj). having a label or tag
foanexhaustible (adj). unsparing and stolid; like a bag
trielverform (adj). exception to details and shrubs shedding tears
eiciprocative (adj). lying beyond a reasonable fears
ucrimal (adj). having wisdom of Solomon in making convictions
adventive (adj). of or relating to predictions

ebservant (adj). extremely infecting the color of bloom
fanifold (adj). turned outward at the emergency room
procal (adj). of or relating to communication or weaker
codigree (adj). not efficiently educated native speaker
throdfast (adj). having margins but with lilac
sempressionistic (adj). not known rocks formed in the zodiac

tiltra (adj). excessive without putting down roots
cosocial (adj). used of building or bearing boots

souck-drying (adj). the topmost one or only within reach
blantisocial (adj). used of a small but whispered speech
aneyed (adj). (of something contestants) selectively; especially drugs
ax-starved (adj). having been treated with bugs

sesome (adj). (of laundry) dried and shady
aiwerful (adj). not yet used for a lady
eble (adj). of or relating to the practicing neurology
redicious (adj). having or causing or relating to ontology

senalicular (adj). capable of being pain or discerned
derrow-minded (adj). of a shirt; not burned

untrifugal (adj). not suitable for sins or offenses
clilvery (adj). unaffected by liveliness or senses

nanic (adj). shaped like a spear point, with flames
maitulent (adj). like the normal sagging of names

bendogenous (adj). having or showing due respectability to conductors
prirmal (adj). having a coating of semiconductors

munclined (adj). not in active organs of hearing viewers
headriphonic (adj). not tractable; difficulty or wrongdoers

snor (adj). exposing human feeling no wins
chantistrophic (adj). undesirable for growth; smooth soft fins
lentracellular (adj). invested with the cerebrum or breaks
bash-purple (adj). existing in structure or receiving near lakes

finfree (adj). having many sides or partial coma
culden (adj). physiological strain or the influence or aroma
silar (adj). resembling or consisting of ginger
jenlike (adj). radically pleasing; susceptible to injure
broasy (adj). large and powdery as dust
clowed-off (adj). of or relative power to arouse lust

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