Couplets from ZZT-OOP

I took my archive of ZZT games and dumped out the non-program text from every object. ("Objects" are ZZT's version of NPCs. They can be scripted with a language called ZZT-OOP.) Then I took the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary and used it to arrange the lines into random rhyming couplets. Here are some of the results. (I curated the stanzas from the random output, and added the titles.)


"Regis Clones"

Here's your ammo, get them pigs!
little "=" button to your top left digs
the colony sent home a sign of prosperity.
Fly on down... back to familiarity.....
Regis Clones--Red with black uniforms.
Good job, now jump up these platforms,
interested in enslaving the armadillos,
amarillos aqui solo hay bordes amarillos
You already cleaned out the lockers!
for you. Just steer around the blockers,
and slaps you while screaming
and you are standing there with a gleaming


here! I'll make short work of you minor
Take the popcorn to the diner!
that ran Sweeneyland to create magic.
With effects that are comic or tragic,
much too thick and sticky.
This is the bomb! It looks very tricky!
security guards, and a national scandal?
You pick it up by the handle.

"The implant"

You gaze into the orb.
hold the potential to destroy and absorb
But you're just a talking eggplant!
Did you come for an implant?
loyal king found out that his daughter
You fill the pot with water!


Suddenly they burst into flames
the following was NOT one of his names?

 "This far"

Hello. Here is a building directory.
heat safety in our landing trajectory.
on irc and for some strange, vague reason
MELISSA: next week starts hockey season.
With mixed feelings of remorse and horror,
Player: This place is too big to explorer
NADIR: Here's the news, distributor.
included the name of the contributor.
gigantic thermal laser cannon specially
Unfortunately, you fall on a freshly
problem has developed in the transporter
Lady: O.k.! I guy asked me for a quarter,
You've made it this far! Very impressive.
of a first class weapon in an aggressive
This happened on your watch you pathetic
markets looked to China for genetic

"Of beach balls"

Here's a crossbow and some quarrels.
but he's not one to rest on his laurels.
Yuck! I'm not going to screw him silly!
It's a beach ball full of chili!
priesthood of Cognus. You were initially
this peice of cheese.. is officially..

"Like a madman"

Player: But it is just a snowman!
plus you can throw them like a madman.
have the three basic units of survival.
more than a few hours before your arrival.
by Hercules, in case you're wondering.
vainly through the Funhouse, blundering
may it protect you on your journeys.
So I fell in love with a rich attorney's
I'm not good with these general questions.
same title, if you have any suggestions


Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
you empty the oil bottle onto the branch.
dancing around screaming in pain the demon
Is a lilipad hard, or full of seamen....!
of three. The opening of the bomb bay
Bill: So sayeth the bey.
great artist, poet, sculptor, inventor,
Please come to the entertainment centre


The pipe blow knocks Edwards unconscious,
Well, I'm part of Mr. Davis' subconscious.
Final question: Who are you?
de demitil suikos depositem pure hild u
CEDRIC: Ah, the mail. Nicely timed.
Overcome with curiosity, you climbed
Hehe. I hope you perish!
While your eyes adjust to the garish
There were six, huge, grey hulks drifting
by altering the universe and shifting
at that moment, the man rips the iv tubes
compace stuff into little cubes!
Regular Bridge - Nothing extraordinary.
A nickelodeon. You see no sort of monetary
the ultimate goal, it is highly unlikely,
positions and the rules, it is very likely

"This is amazing"

Worry not! Your day shall be enlightened
were very frightened, slightly frightened,
I'm just a friendly reminder.
marilyn manson - organ grinder
It bounces across his body armour, grazing
Look at this! This is amazing!
you, and you will have to get an antidote
Jungle Cruise ride and found a motorboat.
Other Alex. D.: right now and hope..
big-ass helicopter with a leather rope


You speak through the intercom.
Man: This is a black and white sitcom.

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  • Apr 15 2011, 11:27 AM
    Flimsy Parkins responded:
    That's awesome!

    It's not surprising to see nadir's name come up, I wonder if he's the most-mentioned ZZTer.

    I'd be interested to know the count for some zzters' names, particularly nadir and lemmer. And sweeney himself. How current is your zzt game archive?

  • Apr 15 2011, 11:42 AM
    aparrish responded:
    my archive consists of every game from as of november 2010. there's a handful of games (about two dozen) that cause libzzt2 to segfault, but otherwise I've got programmatic access to pretty much everything.

    I did some word counts for a few names, and here's what I got:

    nadir: 1826 occurrences
    lemmer: 1654 occurrences
    janson: 1332 occurrences
    sweeney: 632 occurrences
    myth: 198 occurrences :(

  • Apr 15 2011, 3:16 PM
    Flimsy Parkins responded:
    Wow, I'm surprised sweeney came in so low.

    Now that I told IRC those numbers, they want to know a bunch of other things. Lemmer wants to know the stats for tseng, herculese, and knightt, somebody wanted flimsy and scribbit, and nadir thinks darkmage would have more mentions than him. If so, I bet it's only because his company was named darkmage software.