The average unicode character

One of my e-lit heroes Jörg Piringer uploaded a video today called Unicode, in which every Unicode character is displayed---one frame per character. Jörg was kind enough to write a post about his process on netpoetic, and even included a helpful text file containing all of the printable Unicode characters. I was inspired, so I took Jörg's list and used it to draw the "average" Unicode character (using the same method I used to draw the "average" English words of various lengths).

The gallery below contains several images created using this technique: the first image is the average of the first 500 Unicode characters, the second is the average of the first 2500, then the first 5000, the first 10000, the first 20000, then 30000, and then 40000. The final image is the average of all 49k+ printable Unicode characters.

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  • Nov 6 2011, 7:43 PM
    commodore responded:
    is it a six and an oh? zzt !!!!