Metroid Prime sonnets (an attempt at procedurally generated dramatic enjambment)

There is nothing finer in poetry than a good enjambment. I wanted to see if I could create dramatic enjambments procedurally, so I wrote a program that builds a model of a given text's parts of speech, and uses that model to create a poem that breaks (ersatz) syntactic units across lines. I'm pretty pleased with the results---I think they've got good "flow" (good for procedural poems, at least). The input text is culled from Metroid Prime, one of my favorite video games. (Specifically, I used the text from this guide.) More examples and source code after the jump. (requires NLTK)

"A number for such arrogance"

have begun to make a temple to contain
each one acts as a small
mouth enables it to tunnel
of Phazon when it attacks;
time has always been a
battle, along with a number
for such arrogance, for even
parasites that can embed their bodies
by the day. We Chozo know
many creatures suffer beneath the blight
in the Tallon IV environment. They appear
to absorb and process the energy give off
of a Crystallite reflects Beam
creatures are either slipping in

"Secure areas"

all prophecies come to pass, of course,
and breach secure areas. Unfortunately, it has
know of where out ancestors came from. One thing
is often fatal to the creature
that Flaahgra's central nervous system is
broken when they engaged out Morph
Elite Pirate program, this enemy should be
evolved to thrive in the habitats of large

"Beyond a resilient shell"

Chozo have begun to sense things beyond
a resilient shell of ice
beneath the blight upon the land, and
we could then harvest the energy they'd consumed
Tallon IV will be
a stronghold in a great Chozo empire, brought
poisonous flesh of the Blastcap helps keep
it to tunnel through solid rock
in on an aged structure of alien design built
in our shrine; we
can regenerate damaged tissue and organs.
clad in metal or in the subsequent
respiration, muscle spasms, and
in metal or in the subsequent destruction

"The power of the universe"

Able to eject toxic spores. Toxins
are here, on Tallon IV. Then
these entities are able to
grow a resilient shell of
flow of water, the power
of the universe. As this city grows, we
strike at their backs. Powerful hunters, they
ability of the Morph Ball
into the land, a strange energy that clawed
against these units, as the Pirate engineers
have adapted a number of Sentry Drones for use
of swift attacks from nowhere,
electrical attack, making them
violent end? Our minds quail

"To all who can not neutralize"

they have to be euthanized. Even still, we
stand up to all who
can not neutralize all of them without a
healthy but on restricted feeding schedules due to
damp, dark places, Ram
Pirate Upsilon's propensity for Phazon has
reached maturity successfully and are ready for field testing
and wield so many weapons
in their brains. Some of
these warriors will usher in a new era
of the Morph Ball with inside a Spinner to
emit light when hunting, and will expel
dead end. It is clear
dearly enjoy turning Aran's weapons against her.

"When cloudy to us"

Plans to establish a Science Team on Tallon IV
are incredibly resistant to damage
a savior will come and continue
What is of no use to use
perhaps an ever greater one than
A Metroid will latch onto its prey
but it has retained all mental faculties and shows
use the Grapple Beam,
temple has been enough to halt the spread
in melee combat. Recommend maximum firepower when
cloudy to us, a world of veils
how can we Chozo hope for the Cradle to
produce radical Pirate genomes. Benevolent mutation levels are
considerable bounty will go to the unit who

"It is the battle"

meet with failure. The shield of strange energy
as if from nowhere, casting a
foul form, replacing pure, flowing
source of facination to us; it is the
battle, along with a
temple to contain this darkness
only attacks from a Phazon-fuzed Arm
Beam weapons, and can only be cracked by
an utter mystery. The victim

"This species seeks"

Inserting the Morph Ball and detonating
a resolution to this matter, so
we Chozo hope for the Cradle to remain
lethal spikes and retracts its head deep
at a distance. Quick to anger,
a lone figure shining in
the face of such horror, we Chozo
do little harm, but others
seep ever further into the living
flaw makes the shielding on Hive Mecha
high internal temperature, making them easy to spot
with visions of the past and future. We take
This species seeks to become the dominant
key to a huge lock.

"Since we Chozo first took jet packs"

Somehow, these entities are able to interact with
the lock that hols this great evil at bay
on the breath of the wind.
since we Chozo first took
jet packs can be even more so.
that bloom in their brains. Some of these
are incredibly resistant to damage,
and wield so many weapons at once makes them
the statues in this abominable temple. Our
land echo in our ears as we

"Unremarkable until"

lock must stand up to all who might come
to see. The future is cloudy to us,
The world was considered unremarkable until it
reached maturity successfully and are ready for field testing
and is heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Subject uses
the Spinner can be activated
of the Worm. Born from parasites, nurtured in
The world was considered unremarkable until
it as soon as possible. If
this practice diminished. Creatures are
otherworldly pestilence? that infests the land, seeking
off its body and forms the hard ice
swarm life-form. Once harvested for food
they navigate the lava

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