Poetry with Touchwords

Two poems today, made with Touchwords.

"Light monster"
went rush
fizzle going infects
her swirly
while bloom
but curves slowly
taking air swirling
your hummingbird
or light monster
oval feet peak
high buries take
yet massive
grackle birth milk
was explicit
is crawling me
river dragging took
four death
father uncoiling
womb air yet
ghost sunlight are
trench oily



"Mouth geyser"

revolve connect reborn our
spin at gun serpentine mine
coil geyser also spin who
droplet I mother glued or
curves feet flees sine he
arc deed winch eddy taken
pie hear speedily eddy house
plankton molecular flatten nose
orbits her crackle waves be
circle our speedily snake plus
cylindrical man compulsion circular date
propellant bad plus release went
rootless I
cold too
hole house
doomed he released
oval heart surf were crackle
circumference high electricity oval their
revolve minus swing rotates we
mouth geyser a grave mine

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  • Apr 6 2011, 8:20 AM
    pkay225 (Twitter) responded:
    Love seeing what other people do with the app. See you favor the two-finger twirl gesture that brings up "round" words.