"Implementations SHOULD come up with something better": Twitter vs. RFCs

Step one: download every RFC from the IEFT. Step two: extract every sentence from every RFC containing the words "SHOULD" or "MUST." Step three: search twitter for tweets containing the words "should" or "must." Step four: randomly combine the two. Everything before the "should" or "must" in the sentences below comes from an RFC; everything after comes from a tweet. I've curated a couple dozen sentences resulting from this process below.

This new request constitutes a new transaction and SHOULD come into Leeds Primark sometime and make my day a little more entertaining. :D

The InetAddressType textual convention SHOULD NOT be real hot near by you

If the URI is in international format, then the gateway SHOULD be the same genius who put the ?R? in February.. #epictweets

Note that white space MUST NOT find common ground so that you can work harmoniously with everyone. It's the end results that count.

Multiline responses MUST retire already

Instead, a different, dynamic payload type MUST restructure debt: report http://bit.ly/gAWdxi

This host route entry SHOULD join twitter. # lonesome

The Sequence Number field MUST never be lost: Peace, Hope, Honesty. #islam

MIB modules of the first type SHOULD be banned, no one respects it neways.. who actually follows the people that get suggested?

If application transparency is most important, then a stateful packet filter SHOULD try and get the hang of this before I have a nervous breakdown @-)

One of the following three integrity transforms registered for the three modes MUST zip it!

The resultant ICRQ message MUST help but its too funny to watch lmao

When an INITIAL-CONTACT notification is received from the other end, the receiving end SHOULD bring back Coke Vanilla in the UK. That shit was lush.

The node number MUST be me making you laugh?

A spatial vector MUST sleep!! Xxx

This object MUST wake the F*** up and join this world.

This byte MUST NOT be on twitter.U always see something you DON'T want to.

The Auth Key ID field MUST get LIFE and more. Unbelievable.

A media server SHOULD have drafted some Purples. #wku

The protocol types MUST be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy.

Implementations SHOULD come up with something better

If the authority component contains a host name and a port, the connecting device MUST listen to her other songs. They've been on repeat ever since I've known her

A callout request MUST be nice

The algorithm OIDs SHOULD be logically separated in functional categories and MUST have been railing against computers, cell phones. Bring back the pony express.

If any of the above fails, the negotiation MUST check out @HotChelleRae because they're awesome and you'll love them!!

The duration of the test portion of each trial MUST be healed, restored, in the nam of Jesus! #amen??????????????(^_^)?

However, the node MUST NOT come visit me and my sick ass(:

In particular, testers SHOULD NOT reply when someone tweets you- its common courtesy

The "SEQUENCE" property value MUST just get Skype. It would work wonders

The 424 (Failed Dependency) status code SHOULD NOT happen...so get used to it

Applications MUST NOT use URIs with such values and SHOULD follow Chris Bosh's alter ego, @ChrissyBosh cause he's FABULOUS! *Pause*

User agents SHOULD do commentary more ... Wade Barrett on commentary is better than Michael Cole any day

If the feature is not supported, the value set by the agent MUST take a year long semester on how to treat a lady right, be committed to one girl, how to be faithful, & be honest.

All ports on the traffic generator MUST not wear white leotards #justsaying

An authenticated key exchange MUST be a very likeable guy and he only acts creepy. lol Still can't figure him and Ben who is much younger.

Each successive value less than the final value SHOULD be the only person on Earth that doesn't care about #Coachella.

In the event of configuration changes, the Exporting Process SHOULD be at the car show

If route discovery occurs during packet transmission time (reactive routing), it SHOULD NOT be tweeting on your way home ;)

If this verification fails on the peer, then it MUST start drankin...meow


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