A bell ringing grammar: Filthy Ditty's subconscious swansong

Today I close out Filthy Ditty's month of daily experimental texts with something introspective. The following poems were generated from a text dump of this blog (every entry up until today). I ran that text through a Markov chain text generator, and fed the results through my random rhyming couplets generator. I curated the pieces below by hand, selecting from dozens of randomly-generated stanzas. It kind of reads like the blog is having a dream.

"Suffering from a scrabble word"

And I hold within venues within a dream machine
photographical/cultural similar to the screen
to suffering from a scrabble word "everything
really amazing but no one had said anything.
language called ZZT-OOP is the news, distribution
into the Yfrog images at a fairly low resolution,
paverjoyed (adj). capable of being ascertained;
definitions are drawn from tesseract is trained
Crystle. What's more, Antoinette and shifting
Marlys were six, huge, grey hulks drifting
prirmal (adj). not mined or partially drugs
matter of habit. Which is pretty pleased with bugs

"Bell ringing grammar"

Procedurally, so I took my archive of ZZT board
an individual column of pixel data. I then stored
paispberry-red (adj). extraordinary or composed
whole thing is the opportune (adj). not closed
"It is the average of the voice while singing
Japanese, the morphophonemics of a bell ringing
grammar. My goal was to use words; differential
receiving end SHOULD bring back the potential

"Sticky rules"

text I used to fasten a belt
ancient history must be officially dealt
Foursquare is a black and sticky.
rules, it is very tricky!

"Church of student language"

Yfrog images from the IEFT. Step three: search
Hangul). I'm pretty fun with friend, church
of student language and Adelaide were rousing
the sea meets the list of subjects when browsing
a Scandinavian language. The shielding or bearing
leverage of all started when Lean was staring
4) Students must read five articles from stars
had been gushing the color of black bars

"Find English wherever"

Interesting slant: slant revealing forever.
a hypocrite who pretends to find English wherever
prototype word game ideas (thereby fulfilling
It all started when Sol and Inell were unwilling
slant shoes, created with bugs
though---tesseract is trained or partially drugs
legs of stone is great right now, but I think
receiving end SHOULD NOT happened on your drink.
Remember, friend, church member, friend, church
N=1 (I like the F*** up and join twitter search
lock that have a crack at the ranch...
voicing: voicing on the branch.

"Dither the color of bloom"

from the pile, player can form a word consisting
vainly through the interesting words to existing
he made from running late, leaving eight letter
So I fell in love with a grade of C or better
Solange and dither the color of bloom
And a horse, and Howard was there, and the room
whose frown upon this process SHOULD bring boots
brothers?" asked them without putting down roots
year. They appear whole, some textual coherence)
to complete project, which appearance.

"I fell in love with catering their brains"

The darkest evening, for the Cradle to remains.
So I fell in love with catering their brains.
there. It was both unremarkable until"
Magic card can count as "Qu" (though still
extracted segments of interesting slant: slant
slant for more details.) One of these you can't
not so well. As you can throw them like a bag
loquadratic (adj). having a label or tag

"Expected new juxtapositions"

Students will all be expected new juxtapositions
verification of the guys voicing oppositions
voicing: voicing alternatives I guess.
humbinatory (adj). of green of the pile unless

"Ozymandias revisited"

Environment. They called Unicode characteristic
comes to reflect this far! Very impressionistic
instructor within one week of the bomb! It looks
from the randomly selection is recommended books,
and splices a segment of these lifeless things.
prototype word game is Ozymandias, king of kings
the following images at a fairly low resolution
voicing the same substance normal distribution

"Gold letterforms"

retain customers and some quarrels.
player gets nine cards, rest on his laurels.
Which is pretty fun with a tighter clasp to gold
Letterforms. At higher like a tender ear of cold
arrived. Meanwhile Lenna was fact-finding tears
into the line as the Pirate engineers
weapons at once makes the shirt, which appear
were out ancestors came for you. Just steer

"Family of things"

after ten iterations SHOULD be logically
or complete the lacrimal (adj). physiologically
alternational categories and particular case
automata, this time, and that Spanish place?
the next. Just as Lucier's reading and Tu had
Father, the non-program that make you feel sad
strings of remorse and her family of things.
Those students must check their text as strings

"Dark of the OCR"

Then I took my archive of ZZT game's geography
piece of text, specially enrolled in typography
I have eaten a bagel, I would work wondering.
'the', fed through the Funhouse, blundering.
pre-existing of these elements into a somewhere
integrity transformers:Dark of the OCR software.
This host route entry SHOULD be the only as one
chris grant voicing: voicing: voicing your son,

"Not after labor day"

out the news, distribution where i is the mean.
temperature, making context. I sorted the screen
family member of lines of survival.
I have promises to make your arrival.
Hollie. Anyway, Solange and he says no, fine,
games from a Phazon when the words of each line
fact-finding a random number MUST not wear white
shucked my first type SHOULD join twitter! might
Chrome extension that was once limited edition
route discovery occurs during packet transmission

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